A monument in the top of Xoldokogaina Ewes Ewes A tower to catch ring-doves
Xoldokogaina seen from the river Bidasoa Aiako harria, Peñas de Aia Jaizkibel, Irun, hondarribia and Hendaye pottoks, in the background it's Larrun mountain
Galbarioa, his chapel and and his view of the Atlantic ocean. Galbarioa, the chapel Galbarioa, in the background the Zokoa fort. Pottok
Betisos, cows who are free in the mountain Under the trees elorri WIDTH=


Xoldokogaina and Galbarioa are moutains where you can see a lot of animals like pottoks, ewes, betisos. You can see the other mountains : Larrun, Jaikibel, Peñas de Aia... If the weather is good, you can also admire all the coast ot the Landes. They are very easy to climb, the higger of them, the Xoldokogaina have only 500 meters(546 yards) height.



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